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Ɛugene ♥ Ʀapunzel

❝You were my new dream...❞ ❯ ❝...and you were mine.❞

Eugene && Rapunzel
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( Ɛugene ɞ Ʀapunzel )
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Hi! Welcome to the community dedicated to our lil' disney pair, the stud muffin (Eugene Fitzherbert or known as Flynn Rider) and the beautiful lost princess (Rapunzel). This place is to share everything that revolves this amazing pair<3 including Fanfiction, Grafficks (such as icons, wallpapers, gifs...etc) and pic spams! So have fun and if you have any questions, just ask me<3 or kelly! ♥♥
Rules are simple~ When you post, please keep it on the topic of either Flynn or Rapunzel (or even Tangled, really). Any large posts such as pictures, videos or long fiction, please put under a LJ-cut. I don't think I need to worry about this but please no bashing of these characters. I really don't think anyone will but just as a warning because posts will be edited, if that is the case. C: Thank you! ♥♥
Layout and profile are done by the amazing fruitstyle and the icons are made by the gooorguzzzz jackdawsonsgrl!<3 Thank you Flynn BFF!<3 C:
The reason this community was made because Kelly and I were discussing about where to post Rapunzel/Flynn stuff and then I thought of making a community which she gladly wanted to be apart of so now here we are!<3 Thanks to anyone who joins and takes part in this club! It's nice to have you! ♥♥♥♥
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